Moses Lake 2018 Fountain Side Dredging Project Q & A

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Q: Does MLIRD have a list of the required permits for this project?

-City of Moses Lake Shoreline Conditional Use Permit
-WDFW Hydraulic Project Approval
-Department of Natural Resources Right-of-Entry
-U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Section 404 permit (for return water). We have an existing permit but may need to be modified depending on contractor’s methods.
-Department of Ecology Construction Stormwater Permit (have active permit already)

Q: Is there a budget/estimate? And are there union requirements for it?

A: There is no established budget and no foreseen union requirements related to this project.

Q: Are utilities available at the present dewatering pond site?

A: There currently is no electricity, compressed air, or fresh water available at this location.

Q: Is there a limit to how many cubic yards of dredged material (soil and water) can be pumped into the dewatering pond per day? At what rate will MLIRD be able to remove the dewatered material?

A: Here is the dewatering pond location, (47.138197, -119.271110). The MLIRD 370 Ellicott Dredge with its 10” discharge pumps about 2,000 GPM into our pond location which is filled in about 4 hours time. 2ea Return Water trenches discharge pond water back to the lake but that water must be less than 5 NTU turbidity. That’s where mechanical and possible poly flocculants will come into play. The rate of which MLIRD will be able to remove dewatered material is TBD. MLIRD DOES have experience with this material handling and has equipment par to the task but ability to remove has not been established.

Q: Does MLIRD have any sediment information or grain size analysis on the material in the lake?

A: Yes MLIRD does have. Please see data here: DATA1    DATA2    Soiltest

Q: Can mechanical dredging be done for this project off a platform? Also how long is the MLIRD 10" discharge line being offered for use in this project?

A: The permit will only accomodate hydraulic dredging. Additionally, the MLIRD 10" discharge line is approximately 2,500'. 40' lengths with seam welded flanges from Ellicott.

Q: Will Bids be opened publicly?

A: The meeting will be open to the public but no decisions made at that time.